Vision system DV-2

Vision System DV-2 is configured easily for the current
task. This makes fast startups, leading to lower investment costs.

There are no menus and other difficulties that makes
the system unnecessarily complicated to use. DV-2 is easy to understand.

Forget all about being an expert on vision systems to realize applications. DV-2 is based on point and click principle. There are no "tools" , thresholdings and such things as in outmoded vision systems.

The system is PC-based with the latest computer technology and built around standard products. One or more cameras can be used.

Because of the system's unique functions it can handle natural variations (variations in shape, brightness, position, rotation, tilt and so on) false rejections can be minimized. The operator does not have to configure the system endlessly.

New requests and needs from customers continually driving development forward.