Vision system- functions

diVision DV-2 is available in two configurations:
DV-2 - Solves basically everything.
DV-2 Onecam - For applications with one camera.

The system provides useful feedback to the operator via the monitor, with statistics and evaluated images.

Configuration is carried out directly in the system. It is therefore no need to use separate configuration-software or computer.

Images are saved continuously during operation for easy adjustment and improvement of the configuration.

There are simple backup and support functions to easily get help and avoid unnecessary visits.

DV-2 is modular and because we have full control of software we can, if necessary, customize the system.

Along with the module Controller you can relieve your robot or PLC by allowing the vision system to handle the logic for grabbing images, lighting control, control shafts, handling I/O, communication with the operator, barcode scanners, printers and more.